Meimu is a Chinese fan-made Touhou Project character created by AUER, created as a result of the outcome of several Touhou Popularity Polls in which Reimu Hakurei lost each time, prompting the creation of the character.

Character Biography

Meimu was originally a formless entity that was neither human nor youkai, who was given her current physical form by Yukari Yakumo in the image of the shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei. Due to her nature as a formless entity, Meimu is able to alter her physical form to either a child-like or adult appearance, with each form having their own distinct personalities; for instance, while child Meimu considers Reimu to be a close friend, adult Meimu treats Reimu with much more hostility and aggression.

In Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded

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Meimu appears as both a playable character and the final boss of Gensokyo Reloaded, serving as the game's main antagonist. While Meimu shares elements of her original concept and design by AUER, her backstory has been slightly changed.


Meimu is an entity originating from another timeline, having been transported into Gensokyo during the events of Touhou: Incident Zero. Originally a formless entity of the cosmos that was given her current physical form by Yukari's counterpart in her original timeline, Meimu began to resent her existence, deeming it unnatural. Seeing herself as an extension of the cosmos, she began to view the form of the universe after the Big Bang event as unnatural as well. Wishing to restore both herself and the universe to their original forms, and having received tutelage from Yukari on how to master her own powers, Meimu formulated a plan to destroy the boundaries of all existence; however, Meimu knew that such a plan would not go unnoticed by Yukari, so she first set her sights on the boundary of the past, present, and future; with this boundary weakened, any intervention would be for naught as without the boundary in place, the past would undo the events of the present; all Meimu needed to do now was wait.

In Touhou: Incident Zero

Meimu does not appear in Incident Zero.

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