Mima is an evil spirit from Touhou Project, having appeared predominantly during the PC-98 canon, but has yet to make an official appearance in the current canon. She made her first appearance as the Stage 10 boss of Highly Reponsive to Prayers's Hell Route, and would later return as the final boss and main antagonist of Story of Eastern Wonderland. She then returned as a playable character in both Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream and Mystic Square, the latter of which would be her final appearance in the series.

Character Biography

Originally a vengeful spirit sealed in a hokora shrine, she manages to temporarily escape just as Reimu Hakurei is passing by during Highly Reponsive to Prayers's Hell Route, resulting in Mima's defeat and Reimu sealing her back into the shrine. Mima manages to break free of this seal again a few months later, swearing revenge on the human race and tracks down Reimu in an attempt to steal the power of Reimu's yin yang orbs for herself. She is defeated and sealed away by Reimu a second time, but breaks free yet again a month later; she decides to relocate near the Hakurei shrine to continue tormenting Reimu, and eventually grows an ambition to become a goddess in an attempt to bolster her own power.

In Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded

Main article: Mima (Gensokyo Reloaded)

In Touhou: Incident Zero

Mima does not appear as a playable character in Incident Zero.

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